Why I miss 2nd generation K-pop girl groups (girl group guide for new fans)

I’ve been a K-pop fan for years, but lately I’m very disappointed with new girl groups. The 2nd generation seemed to be a lot more diverse as there were many popular girl groups around with many different sounds and concepts. These days, only very few groups seem to share the spotlight and they all seem to stick to a specific style. I’m not hating, but as boy groups are getting more popular, people are focusing less on girl groups, often ridiculing them as just “cute” or less talented as the boys.

This video is just supposed to show some new fans what girl groups used to be like and why they were so amazing. I’m not saying girl groups these days are bad, but to me they’re just not on the same level. I also want to introduce some lesser known groups who I think deserve more attention, even though most of them have already disbanded.

Please forgive my bad video editing skills… this is my first video.


Song list in order of appearance:
Intro: Rainbow – To me
T-ara – Do you know me?
Crayon Pop – FM
Dal Shabet – BBB
Rainbow – Mach (jap. ver.)
D-Unit – I’m Missing You
Nine Muses – Ticket
TREN-D – Jung
F-ve Dolls – Soulmate #1
SNSD – Hoot
Kara – Lupin
Wonder Girls – Like Money
Secret – Talk That
2NE1 x BIGBANG – Lollipop
Apink x B2ST – 5 my Baby
SNSD x Super Junior – Seoul Song
T-ara x Supernova – TTL
Younique Unit – Maxstep
SNSD x 2PM – Cabi Song
Purfles – 1,2,3
BESTie – Pitapat
T-ara N4 – Jeon Won Diary
D.Holic – Color Me Rad
Hello Venus – I’m Ill
Pocket Girls – Bbang Bbang
Blady – Blood Type B Girl
Orange Caramel – Abing Abing
T-ara – Sugar Free
RaNia – Style
After School – Flashback
Chocolat – Syndrome
Nine Muses – Figaro
Fiestar – Vista
F(x) – LaChaTa
Sonamoo – Cushion
Brave Girls – Nowadays You
RaNia – Just Go
Spica.S – Give Your Love
Stellar – Mask
Wanna.B – My Type
Bob Girls – No Way
Tahiti – Phone Number
D.Holic – I don’t know
Outro: Two X – Double Up


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