Teen Titans: 4 War in Jump City Part 2-Soundtrack “the final battle/fall you basterd”

Enjoy the best soundtrack editing ever Soundtracks Are From Man of Steel And Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 0:00 If You Love These People https://youtu.be/OTb5jJu9pho 0:34 Terraforming https://youtu.be/wlfCFbI8D0k 1:08 Do You Bleed https://youtu.be/A3gXlzjxhaw 1:25 Fight Night https://youtu.be/-VZ074cg0Gg 1:54 Oil Rig https://youtu.be/i0yR4Eam3d8 3:10 DNA https://youtu.be/GBjAi85psIg 4:30 Day of the Dead https://youtu.be/lnNwMiOWDM0 4:40 First Flight https://youtu.be/LgEPmCBmZjQ […]

Basterd. – intyrlude [summer] (alt version)

This song is a deconstruction of “Summertime” covered by Janis Joplin, please feel free to listen to the original from which I sampled here. For Kat source