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read please
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as always, you’re free to use my uploads to make gifs or clips or loops whatever your heart desires, but please remember to credit me & perhaps link back to this video so people can watch it. remember it takes time and effort for me to upload these, so i appreciate the credit & link. please remember that i only speak / read english.

spreadsheet of playlists:

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please help our family dog get surgery so she can walk again ; even 1$ is helpful~! a little goes a long way:

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if you’d like to follow the admin on other sns


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if you would like your videos or one paricular video i have of you taken down, please feel free to contact me on instagram or twitter.

i’ll be happy to take it down for you.

these uploads are not mean to make anyone uncomfortable just to make fans happy incase they miss their favorite artist’s broadcast.

it’s important to remember i don’t usually watch these before i upload them.

so if an artist asks for them not to be uploaded in the video: i don’t know. i haven’t watched it.

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please remember that i only speak / read english.


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