IU & Kim Chang-wan – The Meaning OF You

That one word and your laughter I have a big meaning Your tiny eyes The lonesome promise of me All of you come to me It’s a mystery that can not be solved. Sadness is the cosmos of the Kantian You are a sweet-smelling wind I now build castles on the cumulus clouds A window […]

Kim Gun Mo – Wrong meeting

As long as I believed in you I believed in my friend, too. I feel free I introduced you to my friend. From such a meeting We often meet together Having a good time I just got along. Such a meeting Where did it go wrong I do not know When you’re getting a little […]

Kim Gun Mo – Beautiful Farewell

I knew the tears flowed to me. Looking back at your backward stomach I know you’re as sad as I am. But I have to endure. The short meeting was sad and our love Now all I have to do is tear it off. * I will always leave you deep in my heart Sad […]


I’m sorry. I’m getting sick. With red pretty lips Come on, kill me. I’m okay Finally look at me. Smile casually. I can remember when you want to see me. I can draw your face in my head My desire not to send you I became obsessed with you. You were so tired of me […]

Lee Sun Hee – Meet him among them

That’s a great destiny. I thought I did not want to. I am the one who left you now It is not fate or it can not be filled. * As many people as the stars meet you I want you to dream like a dreamer. I was loved once more by giving All that […]

Park Hyo Shin – Wild Flower MV Reaction

One white flower bloomed Stretch out your face I did not even know my name Tears flow through the days gone by Hiding in the cold wind Dabble in a stream of sunshine So you come again to me. Only good memories A nostalgic mind On the road you left Remain so Just enough to […]

Crush – Beautiful

It’s a beautiful life I’ll be by your side It’s a beautiful life I’ll stand behind you Beautiful love If you are under the sky Just as good as breathing It’s a beautiful life Beautiful day I would live in your memory. Beautiful life beautiful day Stay with me. Beautiful my love Beautiful your heart […]

IU – Through the Night

This night’s firefly I’ll send you near your window. I mean, I love you. I think of our first kiss. So, always close your eyes. Well, the farthest way. I stayed on the waves Like the letters on the sand You far away I’m going to disappear. I miss you all the time Here in […]