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Ailee – I will show you

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Ailee – I Will Go To You Like The First Snow

neol pumgi jeon alji mothaetda nae meomun sesang itorog challanhan geos-eul jag-eun sumgyeollo dah-eun saram geob eobs-i nareul bulleojun sarang mobsido joh-atda neoreul jikyeobogo seollego useubge jiltudo haetdeon pyeongbeomhan modeun sungandeur-i kamkamhan yeong-won geu oraen gidarim sog-euro haes-salcheoreom niga naeryeotda neol nohgi jeon alji mothaetda nae meomun sesang itorog sseulsseurhan geos-eul go-un kkoch-i pigo jin […]

IU & Kim Chang-wan – The Meaning OF You

That one word and your laughter I have a big meaning Your tiny eyes The lonesome promise of me All of you come to me It’s a mystery that can not be solved. Sadness is the cosmos of the Kantian You are a sweet-smelling wind I now build castles on the cumulus clouds A window […]

Kim Gun Mo – Wrong meeting

As long as I believed in you I believed in my friend, too. I feel free I introduced you to my friend. From such a meeting We often meet together Having a good time I just got along. Such a meeting Where did it go wrong I do not know When you’re getting a little […]

Kim Gun Mo – Beautiful Farewell

I knew the tears flowed to me. Looking back at your backward stomach I know you’re as sad as I am. But I have to endure. The short meeting was sad and our love Now all I have to do is tear it off. * I will always leave you deep in my heart Sad […]

Lee Sun Hee – Meet him among them

That’s a great destiny. I thought I did not want to. I am the one who left you now It is not fate or it can not be filled. * As many people as the stars meet you I want you to dream like a dreamer. I was loved once more by giving All that […]

Crush – Beautiful

It’s a beautiful life I’ll be by your side It’s a beautiful life I’ll stand behind you Beautiful love If you are under the sky Just as good as breathing It’s a beautiful life Beautiful day I would live in your memory. Beautiful life beautiful day Stay with me. Beautiful my love Beautiful your heart […]

IU – Through the Night

This night’s firefly I’ll send you near your window. I mean, I love you. I think of our first kiss. So, always close your eyes. Well, the farthest way. I stayed on the waves Like the letters on the sand You far away I’m going to disappear. I miss you all the time Here in […]

Big Game Movie

Content is still king. With Dalian Wanda Group’s $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary Entertainment in January, this year’s media and entertainment M&A activity kicked off with a bang that hasn’t slowed down. Comcast’s $3.8 billion acquisition of DreamWorks Animation just three months later continued the trend of content consolidation and IP aggregation. Both transactions have […]

League Of Legends ‘Ekko Seconds’

The rest of 2016 should continue to see plenty of activity across the media and entertainment space as companies brace for the future of mobile and digital consumption trends. Consolidation of content and the need for diversification in the digital environment will fuel interest from traditional players like telcos and major studios. Investment from China […]